Subject: Re: UK road congestion times from Dover to Lymington.
Hello Marge I think you are well advised to take the motorways to Lymington - the coastal route is really slow and the bit between Brighton and Bognor can take forever! You could be really lucky with the motorway traffic - most snarl ups on these motorways are caused by accidents so of course you cannot anticipate those. However you will be driving on the infamous M25 which is known as the UK's biggest car park because of its legendary jams.You really cannot tell what it'll be like - we drove from Somerset in the southwest to Folkestone for the channel Tunnel via A303/M3/M25/M20 in three and a half hours - but that was leaving home at 4,30am! Obviously 8am-9am is rush hour but you should miss the London commuter traffic. I'll check road reports over the next couple of weeks and get a sense of what these roads are like and I'll let you know all the best Sally Somerset UK