Subject: Europe car rentals and misc. planning details
Hi, thank you all for the information regarding sites for discounted flying... that item is under control after some checking I opted for the train! I am surprised with this year's more expensive rates than last year for car rentals. I am planning to use EuropaCar or Kemwel...nothing better? I guess not...

For an extra peace of mind, I always take the full car insurance but now I am thinking twice since....? since we use Amex, any experience with using insurance provided by Amex credit card?

Last year we had a big accident in Italy and the full insurance provided by Europa Car worked well, this year I am noticing that both prices went up and deductibles too... Any comments?

In case any Travelziner would be around we plan to drive first E of Madrid to Cuenca and Albarracin and then W to Extremadura ending NE in Madrid and taking the hotel train to Paris.

Graziella, Miami Beach