Subject: French Riverboat cruise in October
Hi Tiffany:

We have two canal cruises under our belt. We did the Canal Rhone a Sete in a September two years ago and the Canal du Midi last August. September weather was wonderful, 70's and 80's mainly. Even August weather was fine. Check to see what barge company they are using. Some provide towels; others don't. The first one sent us off to the supermarket to get towels. When we arrived for the second trip towels were there. In any event, we brought Aquis towels (largest size) from here and they turned out to be terrific. They are thin, pack well, dry in an instant. We will bring them on our next trip. There is a fellow on the Net who for $29.95 or so will print a cruise book for you well in advance of your trip. His advice was pretty good. Finally, how big is the barge? A barge for four is really for two; for eight is for four. Our last trip had six in a barge for 10 or 12.