Subject: French Riverboat Cruise in October
Hello Tiffany:

We were a party of three that cruised on the Canal Midi in late October 2000 and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. You didn't mentioned your starting point or which direction you would be heading on the canal.

We departed from Lattes, approximately 15 khm from Montpellier and travel east to Beaucaire (north of Arles). Our trip started the 23rd of October and we returned on the 30th. We had outstanding weather for so late in the season. The mornings were cool (approx. 50F) but the late mornings and afternoons were in the high 60s to low 70. So, your trip for late September/early October should be a few degrees warmer. We did encounter some overcast days but we had some brilliant nights of clear skies with varying cloud cover. We spent many nights, literally, drinking in (figuratively speaking ) the marvelous coastal nights.

Note, even though you are literally a few hundred yards from the Mediterranean, if you are heading east, you are going through the Camargue region. It is very different. If you desire more details, do not hesitate to email me with more specifics.