Subject: Re: Edgewater Hotel Seattle
GREAT place to stay. You will be able to take the Trolley up and down the waterfront, walk up to the famous and wonderful Pike Place Market and gaze across the waters of Elliott Bay at the passing boats. You also can take the Trolley down to the Ferry Terminal and ride over to Bainbridge Island and just enjoy the views over and back. Three full days in downtown Seattle is not a long time, but you will enjoy it and see everything you can walk to and Trolley to and not feel you have really missed out on anything. If you are walkers, after you climb the hill to Pike Place Market, you can walk farther into downtown Seattle and visit the Seattle Museum and after taking the Trolley south a few stops, you can walk over a couple of blocks to Pioneer Square where Seattle began. We lived in Seattle for 9-10 years in the late 80'x and early 90's and never tired of it. And the restaurants are wonderful, especially if you like fish (SALMON) !!! Enjoy. Peter and Carol Young