Subject: Re: Paris guidebooks, walking, eating
Hi Frances,

I suggest you get a copy of Cheap Eats in Paris by Sandra Gustafsson. Over the past five or six years I've used several of Sandra's books and have both spoken and corresponded with her. Her focus is bang for the buck and covers a wide variety of price ranges, from rockbottom up to pretty hefty numbers. So the title Cheap Eats is misleading. There are meals under $10 per person and others that easily get into the $50-$75 range. I find her Big Splurge recommendations quite useful, both from the standpoints of cuisine and ambience. There is a wide selection. You should also visit which has an extensive listing of Paris restaurants. You may find it useful to cross-reference between these and other guides. Please let me know if you have any particular requests and I'll be glad to pass on some recommendations.

I've used Pariswalks and several others, which are OK, but a bit sterile. You may want to inquire about Paris Walks, which I believe is a distant offshoot of the Original London Walks. You can find them at I have not taken the Paris Walks, but if they are in any way comparable to the Original London Walks, you will be in for a treat. Far more interesting than simply following text from a guidebook.

Regards, Russell from Connecticut