Subject: Paris guidebooks, walking and eating
Hi, I agree with Mark and Kirsten, we do more or less the same , although I mentioned in my former mail the Lonely Planet Condensed guide book ( which someone gave to me as a present) I couldn't agree more that Paris is such a lovable city to walk , so full of marvelous buildings, sites, monuments, bridges, marches, and history that providing you know a little about it you can walk where you feel like it at your own pace, and almost always have a marvelous walk.

I bought the book by Michel Poisson, Paris Buildings Monuments (I got an used copy through, for 20 dollars) this book done by an architect, is an amazing recompilation of buildings and monuments, each with a great design, and a local little detailed map....too big to carry for sure, but a wonderful source of information, to help anyone to design its own walks in Paris .-

For restaurants and bistro, I know a few, I take note of other persons recommendations, and then I also look around, and look for places with locals, or ask locals, .....but for the real good ones, for that special night the proper recommendation is in order unless you have eating there before.

I Trust my instincts and common sense and it usually works.

Graziella Miami Beach