Subject: re: Paris guidebooks, walking, eating

Let me add to the plethora of suggestions you have received about Paris walking guidebooks by telling you about my favorite - Around and About Paris, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 by Thirza Vallois. She is a native of England who nevertheless has a passion for Paris. She has spent something like 30 years there and spent 8 of those years researching and writing these guidebooks. They are very detailed walking guides to the entire city. She covers all 20 arrondissements in the three volumes. Each chapter focuses on one or two areas within each arrondissement taking you through a 1-2 hour walk through the rich history of the area. The books read as though a very knowledgeable and personable guide/history professor is accompanying you on your walk.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that they took me to parts of the city I would not have visited otherwise. When I lived in Paris for 5 months, I spent many weekends following her walks and did not even get through volume 1.

Let me close by recommending that you make at least one visit to Berthillon on the Ile St. Louis for the world's greatest ice cream!

Bon voyage, Mark Los Angeles