Subject: Re: Paris carnet tickets
Hello everyone, Well, I am living in Paris and I really don't understand what are the problems with getting the carnet of 10 tickets and Carte Orange. For carnet of 10, no matter when, what and where you have bought it, it's always good to be used on buses and metro. Even you have kept the carnet until another year or more later--there is no expiration date or time limit. However, you only could travel in zones 1 and 2 for each carnet ticket. On buses that travel out of Paris or into zone 3 and up, you would need to make sure how many of the tickets that required for the trip to be validated at the machine by the driver side. If you are traveling on the RER to outside of Paris, you would need to purchase a different ticket at the counter. Just telll them the city or the station that you want to go to like Versailles.

For Carte Orange, there are many available. Usually the parisians would buy a monthly pass if they work and travel daily. But for tourists, I think that you could buy Carte Orange that will valid for 5 or 10 days--I can check this out today when I'm in the metro. They don't even know if you are a tourist or what, so why need to be worried? You don't tell and no one would ask!

For the children under 14, you could ask for a half price carnet for them--the tickets mark 'tarif reduit', they work just like the adult ones. If you are planning to take the TGV to somewhere in France or in Europe, you could buy a discount pass for children under 14 and your child, you and your friends will enjoy the 50% off for everyone. If you are over 55, you could buy a discount pass for senior citizens and everyone traveling with you will enjoy from 25% to 50% off.

If you would like more info, I could pick up a price list of all the available tickets and passes today. BTW, it's warm and sunny in Paris for this whole week. Very pretty and cheerful in the city.

a bientot, Juliette in Paris