Subject: Re: Michelin guides
There are so many guidebooks available, but for anyone traveling to France, in particular, the Michelin guides are a must. The red guide (hotels and restaurants) is indeed in French, with symbols explained in other languages, as Andrew pointed out. The information is spartan, just the inclusion in the guide gives the hotel or restaurant a stamp of reliability. And in most cases with reason.

The green guides (places to see -- cultural, historical) are available in English for various regions, certainly for Paris, Provence or the Cote d'Azur. The green guides are so thorough and informative, no other guide book approaches them, imo.

For a preview you can visit the Michelin site: First time, you need to log in and give your name and address (no cc charge). After that, you can peruse the site for hotels, restaurants, ask for an itinerary. When you click on Tourisme, you can find information about the town you plan to visit. It's not the same as a guidebook in your hands, but pretty close. The site has an English version.