Subject: Re: Ho Chi Minh CIty

I have only been in the lobby and rooftop bars of the Rex Hotel and the Caravelle Hotel, and the lobby of the Grand Hotel, and that was in the autumn of 1999. All three are very centrally located. Being an American, we went to the Rex because it was where U.S officers stayed during the war and to the Caravelle because it was the hotel the media used. I believe they are both four star. The Rex is very glitzy at the lobby level. The Caravelle is quite modern. There was ongoing remodeling when we were there, and we met a man who was staying there who said the rooms were as nice as the lobby. The Grand is an old hotel that has been remodeled. The lobby was quite old. I remember that the room rates there were comparable to the other two. We stayed in the Omni, which is not centrally located, but close to the airport. The hotel was nice, but we did wish we had been in the central area because we kept going there for sightseeing and to eat. I am sorry I cannot help with contact information. I know I have recently seen an article about Vietnam, but it is escaping me where I saw it. Perhaps International Travel News. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

Lisa in Chicago