Subject: Spain Driving Trip
Hi Al, ...and I do hope it will not be your last driving trip in Spain!

We seem to be going there almost every year , so much to enjoy!

When in Cordoba do not miss a few miles west of this city the ruins of Medina Azahara.

Only this morning I read in the New York Times :A Golden Reign of Tolerance referring to AL Andalus, the caliphate based in Cordoba a thousand years ago, where the library housed 400.000 volumes at a time when the largest library in Latin Christendom probably held no more than 400!

The Times says: Al Andalus is a chapter of European History during which Jews, Christians and Muslims lived side by side and, despite intractable differences and enduring hostilities, nourished a culture of tolerance.

It is appropriate to recall that...its downfall was a series of terrible civil wars among Muslims....It seems that reactionary muslims, many from Morocco, believed that the Cordobans were not truly muslins........!!!!!!!

It is a pity we cannot meet at all

You ask me about little towns, while in this area we plan to visit, the Natural Park of Monfragne and the little towns called Pueblecito de la Vera and Granadilla. and also we shall no doubt explore around.

Two words of advice from former experiences: be careful while on National routes which are narrow in Spain, specially on Sundays and Holidays, the Guardia Civil ( as in many countries) can hide here and there and with a radar gun give stiff tickets. It is particularly cumbersome because the speed limit tends to change abruptly ...also of course be careful specially in big cities with any flat tire you might have , some times they cut your car's tire and then pop up to help and in a second they can rob everything in your car while you are changing tires. They work as a band not alone.

I am telling all this because you say is your first time driving in Spain,.... in the little towns and country side we felt totally secured and enjoyed tremendously the hospitality and generosity of the Spanish people. in larger cities please be alert.

Have a great trip. Graziella Miami Beach