Subject: Road travel in UK
Hi everyone There have been some questions recently about driving in the UK so I thought I'd make a few more suggestions. Our main problems are way too many cars and lorries (trucks!) and the need to constantly repair the roads. This means that at any one time most motorways (M1, M2, M25 etc) have lane restrictions due to roadworks causing traffic queues.

The websites people have recommended are the ones we use - certainly the 2 that are the sites of the main automobile associations:

Both carry road info and free travel planners. However if you are in your car and unable to access internet they aren't much use! You can phone the RAC on 0906 470 1740 and get up to the minute info on traffic problems. Also tune the radio to BBC Radio2 (88-91FM) - they give traffic reports every half an hour (eg 8.15 and 8.45)and drivers from all over the UK phone in to report any problems. If you pick up a local station they will also have regular reports. and watch early morning TV - they have traffic reports just before the news on the hour.

So, early morning or late evening travel is usually uneventful. The M25/M1/M4/M6 are notorious for heavy traffic but its the accidents that really cause the problems. However if you can avoid it, never travel between 4-7pm on a Friday on any major road - nightmare!

Now I know this sounds like the UK is gridlocked - its not - and obviously most roads are fine but try to avoid 'rush hour' driving and always allow extra time for any important journey. Its much better to arrive early and have a leisurely coffee than be in a blind panic!

happy travels over Easter - if Michele (Oakland) picks this up I hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunny UK weather at the moment!

Cheers Sally Somerset UK