Subject: Grand Canyon to Canyon de Chelly
My wife and were in that area last September and thought Canyon de Chelly was quite spectacular. We stayed in the Best Western in Chinle, AZ (about $80), which is the jumping off point for the canyon. The place was fine.

>From Chinle there are roads running both along the north rim (Hwy 64) and the south rim (Hwy 7), and they both have a number of scenic overlook opportunities, which aren't well marked, but are well worth searching out, as they lead to parking lots and then trails right to the canyon rims. These are spectacular views. (Note the posted warnings about not leaving valubles in your car.)

You can also take a ride in an open truck along the canyon floor, which, at the time, looked like just a very dusty experience. I now regret not taking one because the view from the canyon floor must be great. All access to the canyon floor must me accompanied by a guide.

We didn't go directly from Canyon de Chelly to the Grand Canyon - we headed east then eventually circled back through Farmington, Arizona, through the four corners area, then along Hwy 160 to Hwy 89 to the Grand Canyon. Give yourself plenty of time in the North Rim area - the drive down Hwy 67 takes at least an hour and then there are a couple of scenic roads along the rim.

If you're heading farther east, into New Mexico, let me know - I have a few good suggestions in the Santa Fe/Taos area.

Watch out for police in Arizona, especially on the Indian reservations! The temptation is to really hustle along those back country deserted roads, and the fines are expensive (I speak from experience!)

Regards, Al Sonoma CA