Subject: Canyon Chelly and New Mexico
Greetings to all on this wonderful Sunday.

Since you asked about New Mexico and Arizona, I can recommend the tour of Acoma Pueblo. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I also encourage you to hire a guide to return and purchase some pottery. Our guide was a young girl about 11. Because we were looking to purchase pottery we were allowed into the house of the pottery maker which was the only inside tour anybody got. We then walked back down the trail to the visitor's center rather than take a van down. Again, the guide took us to the trail and walked down part of the way with us. She was a very nice girl. Interestingly, no mention of payment was made. I assumed that she received a payment from the pottery maker. I hope so as I would hate to think that we stiffed her.

I also recommend Canyon de Chelly. Years ago there was one hike available to the bottom that could be done without having to hire an Indian guide and ride in a large tourist groups. I recommend the hike (to the White House as I recall) if you are reasonably fit as it is very scenic and you will avoid the large tourist groups.

One last thing there is a great museum just outside of Taos called the Millicent Rogers Museum which I highly recommend. Avoid Taos itself as it is a tacky, tourist trap, IMHO.

Good traveling,

Raul, Seattle, Washington