Subject: New member introduction
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Patti

>Hello Fellow Travellers -
>All it takes to put a smile on my face is to take a
>suitcase out of the closet -- or to think about
>planning a trip. I'm assuming that this comes from
>being a US 'military brat' decades ago but it may just
>be that I was born with wanderlust. Whatever, I enjoy
>travelling for both day trips and longer journeys.
>Currently we are planning a trip to Munich and Paris
>this June to celebrate our daughter's college
>graduation. We are planning to do daytrips out of each
>location and spend 2 days in transit with one night in

>I have travelled in the US (and Canada &Mexico too)
>over the years and have lived in Alaska, California,
>Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia and Tennessee.
>California has been our home for some time. I always
>seek out the 'blue highways' on the map and enjoy
>little explorations of small burgs along the way. We
>have been to Paris - Reims - Aachen - Brugge - England
>previously for a wonderful trip. And more recently
>took the family to Australia and New Zealand for a
>great last hurrah for family vacations.

>Hope to learn much from this group and am happy to
>share any knowledge that I might have.

>Patti, the Wandering Librarian