Subject: Re: Traveling solo in Italy
Krystyna, you might look at for some ideas. Also is a discussion of solo travel.

We loved Siena. It is a wonderful city, exciting and beautiful. You can get to Siena from Florence by bus or train. From Siena, by local bus, you could visit San Gimignano, a medieval town of towers. It is very touristy and when we visited it the first time, very hot. However, when the daytrippers leave, it is magical. So an overnight or an evening meal and stroll would be wonderful.

Were you planning to use public transit? If so, perhaps visiting a few larger centres might be easier. Train travel in Italy is quite cheap. is the website for the train.

Krystyna, you might want to join The Travelzine get-together (GTG) in Toronto at noon on Saturday April 20th. A good opportunity to ask people first hand! (Moderator's Note: Krystyna will be there! :-)

Frances Toronto