Subject: Re: travel for diabetics
I just got back from spring break, travelling with my mom who has diabetes. We have been on a airplane at least once a month for the last year. After Sept 11, there were problems carrying her blood testing items with them taken away in Philadelphia which upset me since it cost $75 to replace. I need to check her blood sugar every few hours so I can't pack it away. I finally (and with guilty feelings) started putting the long needle holder with in my purse with inkpens, the actual small needle in a pocket, the blood sample strips in my carry-on and hoped for the best. We were never questioned about any of it. The airports have lightened up now however, and we can carry the test equipment with us. Now I see signs at security saying these are allowable items. I had a MD note at first but haven't bothered with it the last few flights.

Beth Sloan