Subject: Re: carry ons
Linda-- Thanks for the web site. You are my heroine regarding traveling light. I'm in the beginning stages - cutting back on some things. I was impressed by a couple we met in a long line at CDG in Paris who were travelling for 6 weeks I think out of a what I call a week-ender and which may be the same size of which you speak. She gave me a number of hints and I had printed out your list of what to pack. I have dragged my feet about washing things out, but last year in Paris and Bayeaux I did a few things and it worked out fine. That was my first cut. I took a few less shirts, took the old underwear that was thin and had no more elastic and pitched them as I wore them and experimented with some travel socks from Magellan which worked out quite well. We sent my son off with some of those plastic packing bags which you push the air out of. Any way, I'm working on it. I did invest in a black travel suit from LL Bean and have washed it here at home and it hangs dry wonderfully and does pack into a tiny little bit. By the time we head for three months in Australia, I'll be ready. Now if I could just convince my husband to pack lighter.

Loving TheTravelzine as much as ever. Everyone seems so compatible like they've known each other for years. It's a good thing.

Barb in Grand Rapids.