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Forwarded by Moderator. Welcome Amy!

Hello all...

Not sure what you'd want to hear about me, so I'll be quick. I'm an early 30-something who works in mutual funds. To keep life exciting (goodness knows 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is not exactly that!), I travel. I try to get to Europe a couple times a year. I've been more times than my credit card cares to recall. Ireland 9, France 3, England, Scotland, Belgium and Italy once each. Just back from Amalfi Coast/Naples/Rome two weeks ago, sigh! Future plans include northern Italy, Finland, Germany and Spain and Ireland whenever the spirit moves.

My US travel is less extensive. Pretty much New England and eastern Canada, NYC a few times, D.C. once and San Diego/LA once. I vow to retire to Coronado if not Europe!

This group comes highly recommended from other travelers, I'm anxious to share advice/stories with others equally passionate about travel.

Thanks for listening! Amy