Subject: The Eifel region of Germany
I live in the Eifel region of Germany near the French, Luxembourg, & Belgian boarders. In this area are the cities of Bonn, K#ln/Cologne, Koblenz, the smaller city of Trier (not as touristy and well worth a visit) and the city of Luxembourg. The Rhine and Mosel river valleys are right here too. I pretty much live in Germany's wine country. The `ice' wine is my favorite. My experience traveling in Europe consists of the northern half of France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, northern Italy, and, of course, Germany. In the states I grew up on the west coast. Most of my time I lived in western Washington, but I spent about 7 years in the San Francisco area and a little over a year in Portland. I have pretty much saturated the whole western half of the US from Wyoming &Texas on over and down through the southern states. However, I have not made it up to New England or along many areas on the east coast yet. Just give me time! So, if any of you are planning trips to these areas, I would be glad to help you find some of the lesser know spots and I would love to hear some of your recommendations. I'm always open to new adventures. Auf Wiedersehen! - Jen (Speicher, Germany)