Subject: Re: Restaurants in Germany
Hi Don and Linda,

since nobody has replied to your message yet, I take the chance to make a few suggestions on how I would proceed if I was planning a trip to those cities. Well, I have been to all of the cities you mention except Dresden but don't have any recommendations for you. It's probably because I don't remember the restaurants, where we have been, and that means: I didn't make any outstanding experience, no especially bad one and no especially good one. Planning a trip like yours, I would have a look at two sites on the internet: the varta-guide and the schlemmer-atlas. Personally I prefer the suggestions of the schlemmer-atlas but it is available only in german and you have to enter zipcodes instead of city names. Both Guidebooks are thoroughly made. In Germany they exist in a printed edition and readers are invited to mail their own ratings to the editors. The weakness of both books is, that they tend to recommend gourmet kind of restaurants with higher prices. But anyhow: quality has its price and both are starting at a reasonable level and: yes, I use these recommendations regularly if I want to have an eating experience above the average level (the one you forget the other day).

Let me start with the english speaking Just click on the British flag and on the left hand you will find a link section called Restaurant search. Click Index and you get the Varta symbols for rating restaurants service and kitchen. Then click on the Restaurant search link itself. Now you can enter the Town you are going to visit and make further selections of your choice. Start the search. On the result page you will find the Varta ratings in the Varta column.

The second inernet guide to german restaurants is on On top of the search page you enter Ort oder PLZ. For Bremen and Hamburg you enter the number 2, for Berlin a 1, for Dresden a 0, for Nuremberg a 9 and for Karlsruhe a 7. The numbers are zipcode-areas and you will get results in other cities belonging to the same zipcode area. If you know your zipcodes better then enter more than just one digit. Below the Zipcode selection you can make further selections of your choice. Try with the above http-adress and you will get a quite useful translation.

Dear Don and Linda: Yes, I know, these are no personal restaurant recommendations. I'd be better with that if you'd come to the lovely Mnsterland one day!

Best Regards Johannes Klein Haltern am See, Germany