Subject: Map store in SF area?
Hey trippers,

Anyone know of a good place to buy maps in the San Francisco area? (Or even mail order, although I'm looking for a particular map fairly soon.)

Most of our trips to Europe involve a lot of driving and I love having detailed maps (min. 1:500,00) of the places we go. My wife even claims that if the map doesn't show the locations of all the phone booths along the route, it isn't detailed enough for me.

We're heading to southern Spain soon and I've got the Freytag & Berndt map #2 of the southernmost region, and I was hoping to get the map #3 also (central). Unfortunately, my favorite map store's inventory is France-oriented (although they do have the Michelin Motoring Atlas for Spain, which I'll buy if I have to, even though it's heavy and a certain traveling companion would rather not spend the trip with it on her lap) The website isn't helpful at all. Also, other than for finding directions, I'm not a big fan of the on-line maps.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks, Al Sonoma, CA, USA