Subject: Alaskin cruises
Hello to all, My parents, very active, nearly 70, have had what we descibe as a pretty rough trot over tha last 18 months and would love a holiday, but just dont seem to have the inclination to get it organised. They have both travelled extensively thru the years, but Mum has mentioned the Alaskan cruises as something she would love to do. Coming all the way from Australia, it will be a long haul, so they will need a few stops along the way. I would presume they will take a month, or even a little longer. I would like to get it all organised for them (or as much as possible), and any suggestions on itinerary, cruise lines, time of year, stop-offs etc would be hugely appreciated. My only starting point would probably be staying 3-4 days in L.A., after the long flight, after that I am guessing! and I need your tips from experiance. Cooling down in Sydney now, thank goodness Michelle