Subject: Re: Itineraries and Travelogues in literature: book recommendations appreciated!
Hi Johannes, I was going to buy the Italian Journey this weekend (there is a brand new spanish edition quite good), thinking of bringing it with me to Italy, and you have given me one more positive point towards it. Thanks.

We like a lot travel books. I think we begin with the mountain climbing books my dad used to buy (Heinrich Harrer 7 years in Tibet or some books by Lionel Terray), but during the last years there has been a great increase in the availability of travel books (not guides) in Spain.

I think I have already written about William Dalrymple, an interesting british writer based in Delhi. The first one I read was In Xanadu, and with City of Djinns - A year in Delhi I got hooked. From the Holy Mountain, a recollection of his travels from Mount Athos to Egypt, along the troubled Middle East is quite good too.

My mum is hooked on the train books by Paul Theroux. I know some people donīt like him, but if you love trains ... I bought a book in Varanasi depicting his journey from Afghanistan to Bangla Desh back in the Eighties, and the pictures are brilliant.

I have more favorites, but they are all at home. Iīll write about them later. But let me add a book by Anna Maria Sigmund. I bought it in Vienna three or four years ago, and I donīt know of there is an english traduction : In Wien war alles so sch#n... (Everything was so beautiful in Vienna ...) An interesting book about the Vienna travelogues of different travellers in different times.

Kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)