Subject: Introduction - New Member in Germany
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Jonathan!


A bit about me - ok - I'm a business journalist by training, who spends most of his income on travelling. I am from the UK, but currently live in Duesseldorf, Germany where I am taking a break from journalism to do a stint in the more lucrative world of corporate writing/editing. This also means I get to explore more of this bit of Europe and, as often as possible, my girlfriend and I troop off on the train to Holland, Belgium or other parts of Germany.

I also love Canada, and have had many trips there. The most recent was a fantastic trip to the west coast, and I finally reached the Pacific Rim National Park! It was worth the wait. Other travel experiences: most of western Europe, especially the Alps, and various US cities.

In my spare time I enjoy combining my interests and have set up a non-commercial travel writing website, Travel Insights, where I help amateur writers write high quality articles. I have become a voracious reader of travel literature, and review this on the site too.

That's quite enough rambling I think.

Looking forward to TheTravelzine discussions and hopefully being able to impart some useful tips from time to time.

Jonathan Turton London / Duesseldorf