Subject: Re: Luton airport, London
Hi Evan,

I have flown from Luton - and my parents have done so regularly. It is not all plain sailing I am afraid. The Thameslink service into London (see for details) is not the most reliable of train services. This is clearly more of a problem on your way to catch the flight OUT of Luton. Allow plenty of time. The potential advantage of Thameslink is that it can deposit you right in some of the liveliest bits of Central London (get off at Farringdon or City Thameslink stations during the week and you'll see what I mean!)

My parents have also had incredibly long waits for their baggage every time they have flown to Luton.

However, if all goes to plan, it can work out much more convenient than Gatwick or Stansted.

Hope this helps


Jonathan Turton London/Duesseldorf