Subject: Re Amsterdam- Also Pickpocket response
Dear Frieda, Thanks so much for the help on the restaurants. I had looked at several web sites where there were travel logs on Amsterdam and had decided that most of the reports were ethnic restaurants, and few reports on what would reflect local tastes. Linda and Don liked the barbecue, but living in Texas, that would not be so unusual for us. I am very grateful for the day trip suggestion and we will plan to do that. We will see much of the coastal and waterway sights on the week cruise, so we are staying on after that is over for some exploring inland by train. As to pickpockets, we had bad experience on the metro in Paris on our last trip. A group of teenagers crowded around us as we stepped into the rail car and stripped quickly everything in exposed pockets, hopped off the train just as the doors were about to close and of course we sped away on the train as we realized what had happened. We had not taken the precaution of securing things in more safe places. Hard way to learn a lesson. Credit cards and cash, ID, medical ins. cards all gone in two seconds. Thanks for the kind members and their sharing. Evelyn