Subject: Re: Gulf Islands
Hi Cheri, I just returned yesterday from a wonderful week in the Gulf Islands with my daughter. Friends own a cottage on Mayne Island and offered it to me for the week around Easter.

It's a lovely island - smaller and much less touristy than Saltspring but with the same type of environment. We also took day trips to Pender and to Saturna - both very pretty as well but we decided that we liked Mayne best.

We enjoyed sitting on our friends' deck watching the bald eagles and sea lions, walking through the woods out to the point near them, exploring the island's many different parks and art stores.... quite idyllic (even in the rather nippy spring weather).

We walked around the southern half of Pender in an afternoon - and it would have been nicer to stay longer to explore some of the parks. Saturna is pretty spread out - we were glad we brought the car to this island because we were able to drive to a number of parks and beaches farther from the ferry dock. Saturna also has a relatively new winery which I gather gives tours in the summer - and our friends told us that they enjoy going over there.

It's not expensive to take the inter-island ferries - even with a car (I think I paid $6 for the car on the ferry from Mayne to Saturna - then you pay around $5 per person).

I'm afraid, I can't recommend a B&B on the islands but saw some lovely looking ones. Each island has its own website, I think - the Mayne Island one is:

Cheers from hot and muggy Hong Kong! Judy