Subject: Canada?
Hello Ziners

just while I was seriously starting to plan my summer trip to France, I have learned a non stop charter flight Trieste-Toronto will start at the end of May, with weekly departures and fare at about 500-600 euros. This forced me to thiuk about changing my plans: Since I don't really know where to start, I need your help about the following issues: a) best time to visit, July or August (June and September are out because of school time) b) a rough itinerary for about 10-12 days, starting and ending in Toronto and not involving whole days in the car c) does everybody know if EU citizien can cross the US-Canada border for one or two-days trips? If so, is there something in the neighbouring US worth seeing?

That's just for starting, of course. In any case, if we go, get ready for some GTG's!

Thanks and regards

Paolo Trieste, Italy