Subject: San Diego
Hi Ziners,

Just returned from a great trip to San Diego and wanted to report what a good GTG we had on April Fools' Day. John Rule picked a great place, the Fish Market, on the harbor, where we ate out on the deck and visited. The friend I was visiting, Emily Barton, went with me and we were joined by other Ziners, Gladys and Dave Trumpfeller from Buffalo, NY, who spend part of the winter in Borrego Springs. Great company, good food, interesting travel talk. What more is there??? Pictures will follow shortly.

When you are going to be traveling and can spare the time, take my advice and post a message for a possible GTG. It's just so neat to get to know people who are just names until you meet them in person.

I'm getting ready for France the end of May, so

Au revoir,

Lou (TX)