Subject: Spanish Maps
Hi Al, another good (and spanish) source of maps for your spanish driving holiday is Campsa, the spanish petrol company. They donīt have regional maps as Michelin (Iīll try tomorrow to find out the numbers you would need for the south), and instead they have a much better atlas than the Michelin one. I donīt think they sell it abroad, but you can check their website to see if it fits your needs : (Ps. This month they are explaining a route thru the Mariņa in Lugo, one of the Galicia provinces, and if someone is heading towards the north of Spain, I truly recommend it, from the Cathedrals Beach to Viveiro or Estaca de Bares, also from the culinary point of view).

The Ministerio de Fomento publishes every year an official road atlas of Spain, and it is also quite good, but again, I think you can only buy it in Spain.

You can find them in bookshops, and the Campsa guide can be bought at the Repsol petrol stations as well.

Kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)