Subject: Canada?
Hi Paolo July is much better than August. August can be awfully, sickily, stickily hot (30 degress celsius or higher). Last year it went into the 40's and many Torontonians were forced to spend a week or two afraid to go outside, confined in air conditioned offices and malls. As far as I know there is no problem with EU citizens crossing the border. A friend of mine has 2 German cousins who visit regularly and they go back and forth all the time. You must carry passport however. But since 9/11 everything is much more red tape at border, so might be the same hassle there is for everyone now. What's worth seeing? New York state and Michigan border Ontario. Buffalo, New York is mostly industrial, working class town, not exactly a tourist's delight. Michigan, I think, is more interesting with the city of Detroit and a small, charming university town called Ann Arbor. Canadians mostly go to U.S. for cheaper shopping. I would head in the direction of Michigan more than New York state.

Krystyna from Toronto