Subject: What to do visting Boston for the GTG
Hi Michele

Boston is much closer to Providence - In fact, I think there is a bus that goes to and from the airports of Boston/Providence. Hartford is very far (about 2 12 hrs by car from where we live in Newton). You can get a bus, taxi or water-taxi from from Logan Airport directly into Boston.

I don't know the motels near the airports, but Boston has many -- Do you belong to AAA??? Their tour books have many motels. Cambridge, for the GTG, is accessible by T (the underground and sometimes, aboveground - train) -- I don't think that you'll need a car. It is also accessible by bus.

The history is wonderful, indeed. My thing is the museums and Harvard has just reopened it's glass flower collection again (it was cleaned) in the Museum of Natural History in Cambridge (I believe - but I could check on which museum if you're really interested - It's a fabulous collection) Also, the Fogg in Cambridge is one of our favorites and, of course, the Museum of Fine Arts. Also, the Science Museum is first rate. It just something or more than something for everyone. Their Omni theater is doing a movie on Kilimanjaro which is supposed to be terrific!!! They also do a laser-light show in the Planetarium which is terrific. Back Bay has wonderful history and you could walk the Freedom Trail around Boston from he Commons to the North End. There are other museums but these are my favorites. There are endless tours and if you want a taste of what's here, stop into your local bookstore and get a glimpse of what's here from the Michelin Guide to New England. You will probably find many more appealing things to do and see - without a car!

I hope this helps. Regards, Susie Newton MA