Subject: Woodman's of Essex
Hi Al,

We sure must have hit Woodman's on a very bad day! Here's what we wrote in our travelogue at:

Nearby Essex is home to serious clam beds and that has always been the place to have the best. From Rockport we scampered down Rt. 127 to Rt. 128 to Rt. 133 into Essex. The place we always enjoyed was no longer in business so we went to the most famous fried clam emporium, Woodman's of Essex, where they claim that they invented the fried clam over eighty years ago. We waited in line to order and pay and then waited for our number to be called. We settled down with our feast at one of the wooden booths in the typical clam shack environment. I was in sticker shock at the prices but ever the optimist, I expected the clams to be first rate. The fried clams were mediocre at best, the fresh clams spoiled by a too thick, tasteless batter. The portion of steamers was a joke for the price and the quality of the clams left much to be desired. The beverage prices were bloated and there was even an extra charge for tartar sauce. Ooops don't let me forget to tell you about the onion rings - 96% awful, thick, tasteless batter over 4% onion, served 100% greasy - an insult!

Cheers! Don and Linda