Subject: Re: Cambridge GTG -- more eateries
Hey, Al - Wonderful places for good food! I like all of your choices except Rosie's (too sweet for me!) However, any of the others would be a good bet for anyone! (There is a Rosie's in Newton, too)

Your picks are terrific - However, like all of these Best of... things, not everything mentioned in this issue of Boston magazine is fantastic. You might check with Zagat's to get more of a random sampling. Al, your picks were terrific though! Thanks!

One place to add to that group if anyone needs ice cream...

In Cambridge, near Rosie's, the Grills Al mentioned (near and around Inman Square on Mass. Ave, is one the the best ice cream places in the world!) It's called Kristina's and it's up the street from Jae's (Pacific Rim fish - excellent choice) They have a flavor called burnt sugar (tastes exactly like creme caramel) - which is just simply the best!!! If anyone is an ice cream freak (like me), this is definately for you - I think better than Toscana's which is also in Cambridge - near MIT.

Regards, Susie, Newton