Subject: Favorite New York restaurants
Hi Ziners,

I had said that I would do this, so here is at least a partial list of places we have enjoyed in the last few years:

Tao, at E 58 St. was a lot of fun. Very dramatic and theatrical with good food. It was an entire evening's entertainment.

We have enjoyed Balthazar. A different kind of experience, but very entertaining, too. I had a delicious pork cutlet.

We had an incredibly memorable lunch at Restaurant Daniel in it's old location. That location is now also a Daniel Boulod restaurant, but not Restaurant Daniel. But I would eat at any place of D. Boulod's if I could afford it.

These are expensive places that require booking in advance. For something completely different, we loved The Elephant on First Street. First Street is very hip and active on weekend nights. The food was sort of Modern-Southeast Asian and delicious. Not too expensive. It would require a reservation, but not one begged for or made far in advance.

We think it is a lot of fun to cruise the Indian restaurants on Sixth Street, and just pick one that smells good and looks like it can squeeze in a couple of bodies. These are all pretty cheap, and in my experience, pretty good.

Also, Vesuvio for Italian coffee and pastries. This too is as entertaining as it is delicious. The weekend crowds are huge after dinner, but waiting in line is a lot of fun.

I was very disappointed by Cafe Luxemborgh on the Upper West Side. I would not go there again.

Also, Restaurant Week is coming up at the end of May. A great way to get to try some great restaurants:

All the restaurants offer three course lunches for $20.02, and several offer three course dinners for $30.02. Wish I was going.

More as I think of them, Debbie in Pittsburgh