Subject: Italian language schools
Howard, etc.,

The school that I attended in Florence was the Istituto Galileo Galilei. I thought it was wonderful, but I have no other schools in Italy to compare it to. The usual day started with a 45 min. conversation, all in Italian. The method of the school is not to correct your Italian, but to help you communicate your thoughts. My teacher might ask a question to clarify something, or repeat what she thought I meant, but never was there the Now repeat that kind of teaching. Overtime my mouth opened, she stopped talking. After our conversation, we had a lesson. This was based on the conversation and was the vocabulary and grammatical rules that were applicable to the conversation. Then we went for coffee - after all it is in Italy. During coffee, we continued conversation. This was another 45 min or so, and then another lesson based on that conversation. Lunch was an hour and then 2 more hours of less structured lessons. Maybe a walk to a market, or another coffee, or just an easier conversation.

Here's the web site if you're interested in more information. They do offer group classes at an affiliated school, but I can't tell you anything about them.

Callie in New Orleans