Subject: Re: Bavaria-Austria
Hi Hank, in Vienna donīt forget to check the cafes. I think that the Sacher is way overrated, and if you are looking for a velvet experience, I think you are better off visiting the Cafe Central or the Landtmann. Another favourite of mine is the Cafe Hawelka, but if you donīt like smoke or if you do mind sitting at the same table as other people, I wouldnīt recommend it. They have a website, I think it is called : The Braunerhof near the Hofburg is also quite nice. In the Vienna Tourist Information website, if you go to Wining and Dining, you can find an interesting section on coffeehouses.

I wrote a travelogue about our stay in Vienna a couple of years ago, and it is supposed to be in the travelogueīs section (check in the Files ). If you cannot find it, please tell me, and Iīll be glad to send it to you.

And a small suggestion. Last year I spent a september weekend in the Allgau region in Southern Bavaria. It was quite difficult to find a place to stay (we were going straight from a language course, and we hadnīt booked on advance), but we loved the place. We stayed near Fssen, went to visit Neuschwanstein, and the following day, we went to Linderhof. If you go from Fssen, the shortest way is through Austria, and you will go along a lake called Plansee. On this lake you will find a restaurant called Forelle (Trout in German). There are lots of fishermen in this place. We stopped there to have something to eat prior to visiting Linderhof, and it was a good idea. I couldnīt walk due to an sprayed ankle, and I stayed there reading while my friends went for a walk. It was quite nice, and the food was reasonably good.

Enjoy your holidays, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)