Subject: Re: Bavaria-Austria
Every time we stay at Salzburg we will certainly visit s'Herzl which is the minor restaurant of the hotel Goldener Hirsch with reasonble prices. s'Herzl means the little heart in English. You should probably phone a few hours earlier to make sure you get a table. This is a place where you can get simple (Wurstel) and more refined food. It is very small and visited by people from Salzburg as well. After your meal try a Vogelbeer. It is a very special digestif made from rowan berries and you will find almost exclusively in Austria.

A second restaurant in the city is the K+K between Mozart square and the Altstadt Radisson Hotel. They have several rooms upstairs, so look around where you feel comfortable.

A third place I'd like to recommend is a few kilometers out of the city. It's the Hotel Gersbergalm which I recommended a few months ago. You can have a look at the typical Austrian restaurant at Food was excellent and they have a great selection of Austrian wines and digestifs. This beautifully and very calmly situated hotel is where we usually stay in Salzburg. You will reach the next parking lot at Linzer Gasse in the center within 10 minutes by car or take a Taxi.

Have a lot of fun in one of my favorite cities!

Kind Regards , Johannes Haltern am See, Germany