Subject: Paris boulangerie
Hi, All! Linda said it was my duty as a Ziner to write down the address of a great boulangerie we'd found the year before in the Marais area :-) Well, we did our best to find it, walking all around the area surrounding the Place des Vosges, but we just weren't finding it, so we decided to hop on the bus and head back for the hotel. Suddenly, my husband cried, There it is!, so we hopped off the bus and went to buy a baguette and make sure that it was, indeed, the one we'd discovered last year. There it was, the page from Patricia Well's book, taped on the door, recommending the boulangerie, and it was every bit as good as we remembered it. Here is the information for those going to Paris:

Boulangerie Au Levain du Marais 32, rue de Turenne 75003 Paris Tel: 01 42 78 07 31


Sandy Illinois