Subject: Le Caveau du Palais, off the Place Dauphine
Hi, All! I have to tell you about an experience we had while we were in Paris. I had made reservations at a little restaurant off the Place Dauphine, Restaurant Paul, for Easter Monday, but when we arrived, our restaurant appeared to be closed. We watched as the owner from the restaurant next door scurried back and forth, between the two restaurants, opening and closing the door with a key, so I went to ask her whether she knew anything about Restaurant Paul. Oh, Restaurant Paul is always closed on Mondays. she told me. When I told her I had made reservations for 13h00 that day, from the U.S., she replied, If you'd like, you can eat here. It's the same house... he's my son. That was so nice of her, as I didn't notice anyone getting a table without reservations. We thankfully agreed to eat there, and they seated us on the terrace, with a view on the Place Dauphine.

We had no idea what to order, but we watched the other diners around us, and many of them seemed to be eating duck. We spotted the Confit de Canard on the menu, but weren't really sure if that was the right dish, but when our meals arrived, they were just what we'd hoped... a piece of the most delicious, crispy brown duck accompanied by wonderful roast potatoes and a little pot of mustard to go with it all. We also enjoyed a carafe of the house red wine and tarte tatin for was the best I had while we were there! When the bill came, it was around 65 Euros. Le Caveau du Palais turned out to be one of our favorites and one of our nicest memories....the owner and waiters were friendly and attentive, one waiter even singing as he carried out a tray. We'll definitely go back! Here's the information, should you want to try it:

Le Caveau du Palais 19, Place Dauphine 75001 Paris Tel: 01-43-26-04-28