Subject: Re: Phone cards in Spain...
Hi Sandy (Linda beat me to this), the phone cards are usually sold in estancos (tobacconist´s). I´m not sure about post offices. Be careful with the phone cards sold in the supermarkets. Many of them are prepaid cards for the mobile phones. If they say something like Movistar, Vodaphone or Amena, don´t buy them, those are the mobile phone companies.

The main company is Telefónica, and it uses the colour green and blue. That will help you to find the phones.

Phone used to come in two values (around 12 and 24 Euro, I don´t the price nowadays). Many of the phone booths in Spain accept also credit cards.

I haven´t used them in ages, I´m afraid that the mobile phones are more prevalent nowadays.

When are you travelling to Spain?

Rgds, Covadonga in bilbao (Spain)