Subject: Tasmania, Australia B&B
Hello All, Just back from a brief visit to Tasmania and had the pleasure of discovering a gorgeous country house B&B in Deloraine. The hosts are a French couple, Remi and Ginette Bacal, and they have created a very stylish and warmly welcoming haven, in a beautiful 1850s house and stables in the open countryside outside Deloraine, which is in the northern part of the isle of Tasmania. Remi is chef and sommelier, and the wine list and food reflect his background and training in France and Australia. The dining room is open only to house guests and so the feel is of being guests in a private house. If anyone is visiting that part of the world and is looking for an indulgent experience, Calstock would be a perfect answer, I would think. It certainly lifted my spirits. Webpage is as follows, and prices are in Oz dollars, so halve them approximately for an indication of the US $ equivalent: I should add, on a more general note, that too few visitors to Australia consider extending their travels to Tasmania - for obvious reasons, given the time and distances involved in just getting to and from Australia in the first place. However, it is well worth a visit, and has a character quite different from the mainland States. I do know that one of our New York Ziners, Jonathan, was there earlier this year, so it would be good to hear his impressions. I don't recall that you reported, Jonathan? Apologies if you did and I missed that post. There are good value B&Bs in many parts of the island, wild untravelled parts on the west coast, good food even in out of the way places as a result of an excellent climate for good produce and a community interest in its production, and good local wine production. It isn't the Australia of the tourist brochures, with red rocks and vast open plains. Neither is it the glitz of the Gold Coast or the flash of Sydney but for those of you who enjoy hiking, fishing, climbing or just quiet countryside, with lots of coast line always within reach, there you have it. Access is by car ferry overnight, or by air, about an hour or so flight from Melbourne, or an hour and a half from Sydney, depending on whether you are flying into one of the northern airports (there are several options) or down to Hobart, further south. (Then, of course, it's a hop, step and jump to the South Pole, so while you are in the neighbourhood....) Happy travelling to all, Joan Now in Sydney, Australia