Subject: Le Petit Niçoise.. restaurant in Paris/Thanks!
Hi, All! I don't remember who suggested going to Le Petit Niçoise, but thanks :-) We really enjoyed the restaurant. We both started with the ratatouille, and it was excellent. My husband had the grilled sardines, and I decided to try the bouillabaisse.... my goodness, I was expecting a bowl -- maybe even a large bowl -- but I got a huge pot, and it was wonderful! I've never had it before, so maybe that's the way it always comes. In case you're wondering, I think I ordered the right size for one person, as two young men came in, looked at my food, and ordered the same thing... theirs was twice as large! I ate 3 bowls of the soup and a lot of the fish, the crab, a prawn, and some mussels -- I think that's what they were. I finally had to give up, as I just couldn't finish it, but I hated them to think I didn't like it. They were so nice, and very attentive. I think it was the owners who waited on us.... it was just a very pleasant atmosphere, and we would definitely go back, but I think probably next time we'd call a taxi, as it was the one time we got lost :-) All's well that ends well, though. We finally found someone to point us in the right direction.