Subject: Re: Holiday planning - France
Hi Paolo,

We visited Mont st. Michel 4 years ago and liked it quite well. We arrived about 4 pm, parked our car and then took our suitcases up the long uphill walk to our hotel. The walk was very crowded with tourists and lined with shops selling all kinds of stuff. The hotel was not your ordinary hotel. Our room was in an old bulding separated from the main check in lobby. It was clean, but very plain. After we got settled, we went out into the streets and found that the crowds were almost gone, and then the mont became quite special. Evidently there are many people who come just for the day. Late in the evening, after dinner we went to a program at the mont. I believe it was called the imaginations. Groups of people were led thru different parts of the abby....from the basement to the top. Everything was lit by candles and music was playing. In different rooms, there were tableaux. Some of a religious nature, some seemed more mysterous.

The next morning we explored all over and also went to mass. Without the huge crowds, it was a wonderful place.. The only thing is that there are only a few places to stay overnight.

Hope this is helpful

Mary from California