Subject: Hidcote-Kifsgate &Oxford
Hi Deb, A brief line to say that Oxford's Colleges are well worth a visit. Carparking is reasonably available in the centre - one sizeable (well, relatively) undercover park near the bus terminal, so easy to find and leaves you in a good position to wander round the sights. Otherwise, we often have luck with street parking around the perimeter. There are posted walks that give you an excellent view of the colleges and the waterways, and places to stop for a drink or a coffee. Must say that I have not so far found anything that I would particularly recommend in the way of good quality, reasonably priced restaurants - other than the dining room of friends in a nearby village! (But I am sure they would welcome you.) There is a good cheese stall in the covered market in the centre of town and obviously, some good bookstores too, just in case you have any spare time to squander! DO NOT VISIT, under any circumstances, the tower that boasts the best view in Oxford or some such thing - and charges for the privilege. Oxford has some beautiful vistas - but I can assure you, they are not evident from that place. It is the most pedestrian view of backs of supermarkets, rusty rooftops and airconditioning plants. Astonishingly bad for a place with such glorious buildings. So stick to the ground level, wander the grounds of whichever colleges are open, spend some time in the libraries, galleries, etc, go for a romantic punt on the river (Don't fall in, she says, from bitter experience!), listen to some music in the chapels and halls, and have fun. Just don't try driving through the centre, especially if they are still digging up roads, as they have been doing for the past year. Happy planning, Joan Back in Melbourne