Subject: Re: favorite gardens
Debbie: I know of a very comprehensive book about gardens to visit in New York State that may be of interest to you and travelziners who always travel looking for the unusual and may be in the NY State area.

The title of this book is Gardens of the Hudson River Valley, An Illustrated Guide, text by Ogden Tanner, Photographs by Ted Spiegel, 1996. Harry N.Abrams, Inc publishers. in Association with Friends of The Hudson Valley. You can find it via

The book traces gardens to visit from New York City all the way up thru the Hudson Valley.

During the summer one an take a pleasant boat ride from NYC up the Hudson to Kykuit, Pocantico Hills, the home of Nelson Rockerfeller to visit his gardens for the day. In the book the grouping of gardens follows the Hudson River north.There are a total of 32 gardens described and photographed in this book all with beautiful photographs and directions to reach each one. A one day trip from NYC to Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz to see their gardents and climb a private mountain leisurely, have lunch, go swimming, enjoy the surroundings all for the price of lunch at the Mohonk Mountain House is really worth the 90 minute bus ride from NYC.

Many of these gardens were part of very large estates that the owners could no longer afford to keep up due to taxes, and now have become under the supervision of the State Parks of NY, and open to the public. Many of them require lots of walking since the gardens cover several acres or more in many cases. The Innisfree Garden estate in Millbrook is absolutely amazing, and will compare to any European experience.

Best regards,

larry of New York