Subject: Re: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic
Dear Bill,

My favorite B &B-style hotel in Cologne is the Brandenburger Hof, Brandenburger Strasse 2-4, Koln 50668. Phone: 011-49-221-122889; Fax: 011-49-221-135394. They have rooms with or without private bath. I'm staying there May 9-12 &the double with TV, shower, WC, &full breakfast is 72 Euros per night. The location is a couple blocks from the Hauptbahnhof or main train station. It is walking distance to the Gothic Cathedral (my very favorite in all of Europe), also walking to the Rhine River, &a good Roman museum, lots of shops in a walking street district. They have a small parking lot altho most people are train riders, I think. I faxed to them & they faxed right back.

One dear &funny memory for me. When my husband was alive we stayed at the Brandenburger once when we had a car. We were out touring &trying to get back to the hotel. We thought it would be easy because you could see the huge Gothic spires of the cathedral from anywhere, also the tracks to the train station. We'd get close but we were on the wrong side of the train station from the hotel &kept turning into one of the many einbahn strasses (one-way streets) &found ourselves crossing the Rhine about 7 times before we finally made it back to the hotel. Luckily my husband had a sense of the absurd so we were laughing after the 1st couple times across the Rhine! Hope you have better luck. 8-)

Carol Bailey Madras, OR