Subject: Re: UK road congestion times from Dover to Lymington.
Hi Marge - I haven't forgotten you! Just had a wonderful week in Venice!

I've been catching travel reports and spoken to a friend who lives near the M3 and travels to Kent regularly. The upshot is that you never can tell! Not much help I know! Its about 60 miles from Dover to the M25/M26 junction and about 95 miles from Dover to M25/M3 junction.

i've just checked under 'Live traffic news' and it shows an 'incident' on the M25 in Kent - so slow traffic there at the moment. under 'travel planner' you can put in the route and it will give you a very specific detailed routing.

It might be an idea for you to go on this site a few times in August hitting it at the time you will be travelling and check both potential routes. If you do this several times you'll get a picture of the usual traffic flow at that specific time.

Hope this is of help and feel free to ask any other questions Bye for now Sally